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Re: pxebooting with GRUB 2

From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor
Subject: Re: pxebooting with GRUB 2
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 16:03:33 -0400
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On Sun 2007-09-30 12:07:38 -0400, Robert Millan wrote:

> WIP.  Check latest mails from Marco on the subject.  He sent patches
> implementing ethernet infrastructure and requested feedback.

Ah, thanks.  Are you referring to this, from two months ago?

I couldn't find a more recent e-mail.  And though the message suggests
that the patchset will be in CVS within a week (i.e. mid-August), it
doesn't look merged to me.  i'm looking at CVS HEAD, though -- is
there another branch i should be trying?

I'm not sure what feedback i can give as i'm not a grub developer, and
there doesn't appear to be enough in the patch (e.g. no IPv4 support)
to make it something i can test as an end user.

Marco, can you give another status report on netbooting?

Thanks for the followup,


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