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Re: creating a new driver

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: creating a new driver
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 13:42:06 +0200
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On Friday 23 April 2004 15:01, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Has there been any discussion with the development folks of other
> bootloaders? It'd sure enough make sense to coordinate such things
> with etherboot and/or filo to prevent duplicate work being done.

We have already done. Ken Yap, the author of Etherboot, does not have 
any interest in disk-based boot loaders. So there is no point where we 
can collaborate. We send patches to Ken Yap, but we cannot expect that 
he does anything for GRUB.

FILO? It uses GRUB code, but I have never been touched by the author.

> I've started cleaning them up to be both 64bit and big-endian clean,
> but there's some places left that need further fixing. If grub2 aims
> at being more than an x86-only project, it would make sense to
> include these fixes in grub2 as well. Also the grub filesystem driver
> interface could use some cleanup to make it even simpler. Really
> rewriting things from scratch would be overkill though..

Haven't you read this page:

As Joroen pointed out, we have been writing it from scratch.


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