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Re: [groff] Support groups

From: Tadziu Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [groff] Support groups
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:18:04 +0200
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> I need a table with a title in the center and then two
> numbered columns of mathematical equations.

I've restructured this example a bit.

Things to note:

  * You cannot have equations spanning multiple table columns.
    Each equation has to be self-contained within a table cell.
    To make the parts of the equations line up, I split the
    equations up into parts for the different columns.

  * Whitespace is significant in tables, but is normally not
    significant inside equations.  Even though the column
    descriptor says "l0", there is space after it because
    that space is part of the cell content (spaces around
    the column delimiter "@").

  * Keep equations as simple as possible.  GNU eqn gets
    spacing mostly correct by itself.  Don't space things
    manually except in specific circumstances.

  * eqn recognizes defined names only if they are surrounded
    by whitespace (or adjacent to braces).  This is important
    for getting function names (sin, cos, ...) typeset correctly.

  * the ... sub "" ... is a hack to make the root symbol
    become a bit larger.

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