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Re: [groff] <DKIM> Termux Android app and Groff

From: Deri
Subject: Re: [groff] <DKIM> Termux Android app and Groff
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 23:44:01 +0100

On Friday, 17 May 2019 23:05:17 BST Mikkel Meinike Nielsen wrote:
> Thanks for advice Deri
> So that should mean that viewing it in an other PDF viewer would show the
> right fonts??
> "One possibility is  get groff to actually embed the used base fonts in the
> postscript file it produces, by editing the "download" file with entries
> which point to the URW fonts which I believe you have."
> I actually don't understand this. Don't understand what to do practically.
> //Mikkel

Hi Mikkel,

Dale touched on installing fonts so that they can be embedded in the postscript 
file, and 
recommended the detailed instructions on Peter Schaffter's mom website. 
However, the first 
step would be try viewing the postscript file with a different viewer, which 
hopefully has these 
default fonts, or equivalent, available.

What groff calls "font files", i.e. the HR file you have in the devps 
directory, are not fonts in 
themselves, in the way a postscript font (usually .pfa or .pfb) contains all 
the information needed 
to render that font. The groff font files only hold sufficient information to 
typeset that font on 
the page. Rendering of the font requires drawing commands which are held in the 
font, and not in the groff font.

As I said, the base fonts which are defined for postscript are expected to be 
accessible to any 
device/program which renders postscript files. Every postscript printer will 
have those fonts in a 
rom or occasionally a hard disk. Ghostscript is a program which can render 
postscript files and 
you will find that it comes with copies of the base postscript fonts within its 
Resources directory.

Perhaps you could transfer the postscript file generated within Termux to 
another system, and 
view the postscript on that system. If it looks Ok then you will know that the 
problem is with the 
postscript viewer you are using.

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