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Re: Site revamp

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Site revamp
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 10:43:47 +0000
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Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:
> Yes, that's correct.  Also GNUstep is spelled "GNUStep" on the page a number 
> of times.  It should be changed to use the proper capitalization.
> I'm wondering what happened.  Is it still possible for us to get this done?

What happened looks like Scott fell off the planet before converting
it into web templates.  I'm happy to do the conversion over the coming
holiday and install it as soon as I get back, if people want?

I won't be trying to do anything radical on the structure or software,
just retemplate and edit what's necessary to make it all make sense.
We can do more radical changes later.  But I've a few questions
because it's not my design....

Anyone know what's that font?

Do you want lime green or some other colour or change it by section
and are we after broadly the iMac shades (lime, blueberry, grape, grey)?

Also, what should happen about navigation on other pages?
  a. just the News Applications Documentation Wiki Blogs bar;
  b. that bar and a sub bar;
  c. that bar and a side bar (please not this one);
  d. that bar and a footer bar.

MJ Ray (slef)
Webmaster for hire, statistician and online shop builder for a small
worker cooperative
(Notice tel:+44-844-4437-237

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