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Re: Site revamp

From: Gürkan Sengün
Subject: Re: Site revamp
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 08:19:00 +0100
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I like the design. but the lime green is ugly. and it's _an_ open source toolkit (not, a), isn't it?


Scott Stevenson wrote:
I skimmed the recent thread about the website, and I think a lot of the comments are valid. Specifically, I think it's true that the site is aimed almost entirely at the existing community.

I think the design I donated two years ago is about due for a refresh, so I spent a few hours on a new design. It's a fresh take on the same ideas, but with more emphasis on getting people excited and up and running. The idea is to give GNUstep the feeling of a real product.


The current site's biggest obstacle to success is information overload. I tried to address this a bit on the home page, but I think GNUStep in general would benefit from some *new*, highly-focused articles on building your first app.

Right now, documentation is somewhat scattered across:

    Documentation (/resources/docs-web.html)
    Getting Started (/experience/documentation.html)
    Wiki Docs
    Developer FAQ

This is overwhleming to the casual observer.

What "Getting Started" really needs are 3-5 "flagship" tutorials that are intended as the first point of contact, and that a newbie can get through in an afternoon. A critical piece of this, I think, is that these tutorials are written in the same style and voice. These tutorials could be supplemented by a "More Tutorials" page.

Best Regards,

    - Scott

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