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News from the Frontiers of Science & Technology

From: News from the Frontiers of Science & Technology
Subject: News from the Frontiers of Science & Technology
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 17:48:53 -0700


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Microsoft loses FAT patent, wins Smart Tag case. More..

DynTek acquires Redrock Communications. More..

Symbol settles wireless Lan patent spat with Proxim. More..

Agrisoma enters into collaboration agreement with Dow AgroSciences. More..

Microsoft, EU clash over antitrust order. More..

IDSI inks $26 MM China contract. More..



Business Software



Red Hat buys Netscape Enterprise Suite technologies. Linux firm adds server and management tools to its Open Source architecture. More..

Virtual teaching aids become a reality. History and science lessons are taking on a whole new dimension. More..

Facetime warns of new JPEG virus propagating via instant messaging and peer-to-peer networks. More..



Optics & Photonics

Spun from bone - PNNL-USC team discovers how protein in teeth controls bone-like crystals to form steely enamel. More..

UK-developed system designed to recycle power used by electronic circuits is adopted by a technology supplier to ESA and could be used in space missions. More..

Scientists tame electron beams, bringing table top particle accelerators a step closer. More..

Computer Science

Enterprise Software

PC Hardware & Peripherals

Artificial Intelligence creeps into the commercial market despite initial hurdles. More..

Fidelity National Financial, has reached an agreement to acquire banking software vendor InterCept for $400 million. More..

New Linksys Wireless-G Internet video camera sends live video with sound through the internet to a web browser anywhere in the world! More..

Consumer Electronics

Industrial Electronics

Photo, Video, Audio

Toshiba unveils flat-panel SED TV - surface-conduction electron-emitter display - which uses beam-emitting technology. More..

Edison's incandescent light bulb, is under threat from a technology that is more efficient, lasts longer and will soon be cheaper. More..

NEC introduces 84 inch seamless dynamic digital signage rear-projection display. More..

Consumer Software



E2Go: ATM-like machine delivers music, ring tones, photos at retail stores. More..

New company launches Google challenge. More..

A traveling-wave engine to power deep space travel. More..

Data Storage & Memory

Life Sciences


Infineon to admit DRAM price fixing. More..

Rare childhood genetic syndrome identified. More..

TALON robot detects chemicals, gases, radiation and heat. More..

Design Software

Manufacturing & Logistics


DataCAD(R) instrumental in success of ABC-TV's 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'. More..

Clean Energy will allow EnEco to use it’s oscillating burner technology for the secondary combustion process in the CORE gasification system.  More..

New surface chemistry may extend life of technology for making transistors. More..

Development Software


System Software

New standard Java spec emerges. More..

H2 Feeding Device for Automobiles - capable of feeding an automobile with hydrogen at the time of driving.


Microsoft unveils low-cost versions of Windows XP in India, Russia. More..

Earth & Agriculture



FSU scientist finds evidence of high iron content beneath Hawaii. More..

Demand for nanotech tools to reach $2.7 billion in 2013. More..

NASA technology means no more flying blind. More..

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