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Developers needed at IMM

From: Information
Subject: Developers needed at IMM
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 20:13:48 -0500

Yes! We need help - people that want to write code, have ideas, 
answer questions, write documentation, and so on. 
So come on, give it a chance,

In our growing business, we seek developers to place in several 
Fortune 500 companies who have mastered the following :
object-oriented programming 
C++ or Objective C
Web and internet concepts 
Project Managements
Web Art Directors
Content Developers
Web Designers
Web Research Directors
Web Architects
Software Developers
System Administrator
Database Administrator

Just go to our site and click on the job opportunities 
link and submit your resume. In the near future IMM will offer a 
CV/Resume builder to all its visitor, to help in the proper placement 
of each applicant. This application will be made available to all IMM 
client for the purpose of "Querying" for talented candidates. "No 
recruiter needed".

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