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Smartbuilding is technology passing you by? Get connected T1's etc... S

From: Nilda Bozan
Subject: Smartbuilding is technology passing you by? Get connected T1's etc... Stay competitive!
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 23:46:06 -0400

Developers, Real Estate Owners, Office Building Owners:

R3X (pronounced "R cubed X") is in the business of helping companies become or remain competitive in a business environment that has radically changed over the last few years.  It provides an infrastructure (called the Unified Business Operating System or (UBOS™) which allows business owners and operators to focus on the core elements of their enterprise without being constantly distracted and sidetracked by ancillary (but necessary) aspects of its operation.  This provides a significant competitive advantage. The infrastructure is composed of the following elements:

n        TheR3X Generic Value Creation Architecture™ (R3XGVCA), which allows the integration of all business operating systems and value creation activities

n        A Decision Accounting Operating System (DAOS™), which provides a path to:

1)      Optimizing the Integration of Competitive Strategy, Operating Infrastructure, and Market Positioning

2)      Driving the Programmatic Achievement of Competitive Advantage for the Purpose of Delivering Superior Value to Customers and Superior Returns to Shareholders

3)      Attenuating the Personal Liability Associated with Fiduciary Risk for Directors and Officers

4)      Reengineering the Control Mechanisms which Regulate the Flow of Capital from Institutional Investors to Commercial Enterprises

5)      Fulfilling the “Responsibilities of Ownership” and Delivering Safe Harbor for those Institutional Investors that fund a business

n        A Management Utilities Portfolio (Value Bundles of Managed Services), which allows a business to effectively use UBOS™.  These bundles include:

1)      The Technology Bundle, which establishes an infrastructure and provides the tools that allow a business to effectively use the new technologies and communications possibilities of the Information age.

2)      The DAOS™ Power Bundle, which installs a fully integrated decision control system in a business

3)      The Safety Net Bundle, which provides Business Failure Insurance, as well as expanded Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

4)       The Financial Bundle, which provides funding and financial stability for businesses


For more information regarding Unified Business Operating Systems please see UBOS

Smart Buildings


What are they


Energy Efficiency

Lifesafety Systems

Data, Voice and Video Communications Systems

Smart Buildings for Business



What are Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings are user friendly, easily accessible to the teleworker/telecommuter and business owners alike.  They are secure for the individual to work in at all hours.  They are wired for the most efficient uses of technology.  A Smart Building allows anyone to setup and start doing business almost instantly.


The high technology concept of smart buildings was introduced in the United States in the early 1980s.  Although no formal definition exists, smart buildings use electronics extensively, are high-technology related and can be addressed by looking at three (3) operating concepts:


·         energy efficiency

·         lifesafety systems

·         data, voice and video communications systems

The ultimate goal is to integrate the three operating areas into one single computerized system with all of the hardware and software furnished by a single supplier or partner that would use compatible resources and equipment.  Managers of “smart” buildings will need tremendous computer capabilities, and the emphasis will shift from managing physical space to managing data space.


Energy Efficiency

Intelligence with respect to energy in a smart building consists of the reduction of energy use to the bare minimum.  Computerized systems are used extensively.  Such systems go by many names: Building Automation System (BAS), Energy Management System (EMS), Energy Management and Control System (EMCS), Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) and Facilities Management System (FMS).  These systems would allow, among other things:

·         ·         Programmed start/stop

·         ·         Duty cycling & automatic reset

·         ·         Automatic demand control

·         ·         Adaptive control

·         ·         Heat & cold optimization

·         ·         Optimal energy sourcing


Lifesafety Systems

Intelligence with respect to lifesafety in a smart building involves the use of high technology to maximize the performance of security systems while minimizing costs.  This can consist of such things as:

·         ·         Closed-circuit television

·         ·         Card access control

·         ·         Smoke detection

·         ·         Intrusion alarms

·         ·         Emergency control of elevators, HVAC systems, doors

·         ·         Universal Power Supply Systems (UPS)


Data, Voice and Video Communications Systems

Intelligence with respect to data, voice and video communications in a smart building involves offering tenants many sophisticated data and telecom services and features at a considerably reduced cost.  Some of these features are:

·         ·         High speed Internet access

·         ·         Local and long distance services

·         ·         PBX telephone system

·         ·         Cablevision

·         ·         Videotext

·         ·         Electronic mail

·         ·         Direct satellite communications access.

·         ·         Enlarged riser capacities.

·         ·         Multiple-vendor, high-speed Internet access.

·         ·         Videoconferencing facilities.

·         ·         Emergency electrical back up.

·         ·         Multiple-vendor telecommunications access.

·         ·         Disaster back-up and recovery access


Smart Buildings for Business

Today’s businesses thrive on information.  The tools used to access, store, retrieve, manipulate, and communicate information are critical assets – no matter whether the tenant is a doctor, lawyer, merchant, manufacturer, Internet service provider, etc.


To building managers, providing tenants with an infostructure offers the ultimate marketing opportunity.  Technology will attract and retain tenants.


In the past, buildings have been fortresses, shelters, and addresses on a map.  Today, buildings are gateways to a larger, electronic world.  Tenants want no-fuss, no-muss access for their technological tools.  From the tenant’s perspective, connecting a business to the Internet, for example, should be as plug-and-play as turning on the lights, talking on the phone, and breathing the air.


Because of the cost of making a building “intelligent”, strategies that should be considered are:


1.      Becoming a Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP). [see the CVSI VBP Program]

2.      Partnering with a third-party service provider such as CVSI.  At no cost to building owners, CVSI can install systems such as fiber-optic backbones, in exchange for exclusive rights to provide service to tenants.  Profits can be split between the building owners and CVSI.


For example, CVSI will wire buildings for high-speed voice and data.  Building owner can receive a percentage of telecommunications revenues, and gain more control over risers and conduits.  Tenants can plug into high-speed and direct Internet access, and save on local and long-distance telephone costs.


CVSI’s will install a black box in a building’s equipment closet to provide high-speed Internet access.  Building owners and tenants can then be billed on usage, are supported by CVSI’s 24-hour technical staff, and incur no hardware costs for the system.


Some of the features that can be provided in a “smart building” are:


·         ·        On Site Business and Message Centers

·         ·        Centralized Data & Word Processing

·         ·        Teleconferencing and Video conferencing

·         ·        Electronic Mail

·         ·        Computer Services

·         ·        Information Services

·         ·        Direct satellite communications access

·         ·        Enlarged riser capacities

·         ·        Multiple-vendor, high-speed Internet access

·         ·        Videoconferencing facilities

·         ·        Emergency electrical back-up

·         ·        Multiple-vendor telecommunications access

·         ·        High Speed Internet Access

·         ·        Technical Support

·         ·        Cable and Satellite Television

·         ·        Provide infrastructure and support for Teleworkers/Telecommuters


The smart building is clearly the building of the future.  With proper marketing, such buildings will lease up more easily, and at higher rates by virtue of the services offered.




If you would like further information about our Unified Business Operating Systems and/ or Smartbuildings technology please do not hesitate to contact me at 828-291-6056 or by email at address@hidden.  I look forward to doing business with you.  If you are ready to do business with us our order forms and Letter of Authorization to obtain pricing are located at our website, be sure to input Nilda Bozan as recruiter and/or VP of Sales Sales Executive, since I would be the primary  contact person, who would provide all the information to you.  I look forward to a prosperous business relationship with your firm.


Best Regards,
Nilda Bozan

VP of Sales

709 West Huron Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103



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