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Account Notice: T.U.I.T.I.O.N paid on M.a.s.t.e.r.'.s. D.e.g.r.e.e Time

From: webmaster
Subject: Account Notice: T.U.I.T.I.O.N paid on M.a.s.t.e.r.'.s. D.e.g.r.e.e Time:6:09:25 PM
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 18:09:25

U.S. Department of Education - National Center For Education Statistics UNITID 434654
University of Advanced Research - Hawaii Campus [1-808-883-3827] - [PMA Client Code:0217]
Master's Degree From Home!
FREE Tuition!   100% At Home Study!
$350,000 In Grants Remaining!

Participate In An International Educational Research Project.
Comprehensive Multi-Media With Professors From Accredited Colleges.

Earn your MBA OnLine with 9 multi-media on-line courses. Conducted by the well known University of Advanced Research - Hawaii Campus, the IERP free tuition program will determine if the average adult, with average responsibilities can complete the required course of study for a graduate degree within 18 to 20 weeks from his or her home. With 3.5 hours of daily study, a student could complete the learning portion of the program within 18 weeks, in preparation for the sturdy final examination. You may take up to four-years to complete the program if you choose. The minimum completion time for the 9 learning segments is 18 weeks. The maximum allowable completion time is 4 years.

Key Research Areas:

  • Age of participants
  • Gender of participants
  • Education level of participants upon matriculation
  • Undergraduate Vs. non-undergraduate requirement
  • Study habits and completion time
  • Examination scores
  • Jobs (if any) applied for and/or accepted after graduation
  • Internal promotions within current occupation or industry.

The normal completion time for the UAR Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is 6 to 9 months. The regular tuition is $700.00. You are not required to pay tuition to participate in the research project nor are you required to have an undergraduate degree (the usual requirement). You will earn the same respected credential that our other graduate students earn upon completion of the 9 courses and proctored final examination.

9 On-Line Multi-Media Graduate Courses:

  • 1. Marketing
  • 2. Economics
  • 3. Finance
  • 4. Financial Accounting
  • 5. Business Statistics
  • 6. Business Law
  • 7. Organizational Theory
  • 8. Strategic Management
  • 9. Managerial Accounting

Our students and graduates work for Fortune 100 companies and a wide array of employers throughout the U.S. Several of our graduates are elected officials, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Chiropractors, Real Estate Professionals and authors. We have graduates in at least two branches of the U.S. Military. Several foreign dignitaries, to include at least one Ambassador have graduated from our Master's Degree program. After more than 10 years of worldwide dedication to academics, the university has students and graduates in the United States, Africa, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Vietnam. Although the university is unaccredited at this time, that has had little to no effect on the acceptability of degrees earned by our students. The primary reason is that a professor from an accredited college or university teaches to you his or her specialty in each of the 9 On-Line courses in the discipline. Therefore, it is impossible to argue the quality of the education; our method of delivery is more convenient than 99% of all Master's Programs in existence.. You will join a global Alumnus family of Master's in Business Administration. Our school is well known and so are its curricula (our global classroom spans over 25 countries with a substantial student body). The university has educated entire families and approximately one out of every five new students is a referral from an existing student or graduate. Of the employers and recruiters that inquire daily about our graduates, 99.99% of them never ask for more than the applicant's enrollment date, graduation date and informa on about the curriculum. Two of the world's most outstanding universities, Cambridge and Oxford are unaccredited and operate via Royal Charter. We are certainly in good company.

Why Should You
Earn Your Master's Degree?

      1. You help yourself...

    You open a world of professional and income opportunities. You speak well, write better and present yourself to others with greater pride and self-confidence. A new skills set drives you to posture your life for advancement.

    The predominant cause of divorce in the United States is not infidelity; it is insurmountable financial difficulty. Certainly, overspending and poor budgeting contribute to the monetary demise of else wise successful families. However, experts in the subject matter conclude that limited education is substantially the cause of poor financial management. You expound on this research by hypothecating that increased education in the areas of finance, economics and business would reduce the probability of failure in these areas... would increase the probability of higher pay... would reduce the probability of poor financial management... would reduce the probability of divorce. Limited education is, according to top academics, researchers and scientist, the primary factor in violent crimes, domestic violence and dysfunctional relationships. When you pursue higher education, you improve your cha es of success in nearly all areas of your life.

      2. You help others...

    Parents that did not attend college are more likely to have children who will not attend college. As parents, we are (or should be) the role models for our children. Children do exactly as they see us do (or not do) and tend to become mirror images of us (reflecting our values and beliefs). They are the products of their environment and will carry these implanted images of life, ability, morality and ethics into the world. Of course, this is not true in all situations. We must lead by example if we are to prepare our children for the realities of life. As is the case with a parent that smokes, it is difficult to convince your child that smoking is a dangerous and lethal health hazard. The same analogy applies to education. If you did not earn your degree, what can you tell your child that will make a difference or that will encourage him or her to strive for the worthiest of goals... a colle degree? Are you leading by example? Does poverty encourage children to go to college? In some cases yes; in all others, it begets more poverty. Allowing your children to watch you as you study our online courses, sends a message..."Mom or Dad is in college." That irrefutable self cognition will outlive your warnings of limited career opporunity and poverty.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 18 years old
  • Official (driver license, military I.D.) proof of identity and age
  • Social Security Card (U.S. Citizens)
  • Social Insurance or Government I.D. Card (All Foreign Applicants)
  • Physical street home address (no p.o. boxes/suites accepted)
  • IBM compatible computer with Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/NT/XP only.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.50 or better (free download)
  • Internet access, dial-up account, DSL or other method for online study.
  • Pens, pencils, high lighter, calculator, ruler and notebook paper.
  • The desire to learn, cooperate and enjoy our teaching methodology.
  • An adult (18 years or over) that will serve as your examination proctor.
  • Speak, understand, read and write clear legible English

You Can Study Off-line Too.:

Many of our students travel frequently. Some have less than perfect access to the internet. The online courses allow you to print the chapters and save the videos to your computer's hard-drive. That way, you can take your school with you on business trips, even poolside. If you have a single telephone line in your home, offline study is ideal. Because no modem is required to access the material on your hard drive, you may take advantage of long flights or road trips while watching multimedia presentations in private. We give you every opportunity to enjoy the academic experience. All that we ask is that you do the easy-to-follow course work, study every day, and graduate.

We have $350,000 dollars in awards remaining. We will award the last 500 grants for the international research project by December 31, 2001. There are no credit checks. You do not repay the grant. However, if we do not award the grants, we loose the funding. By applying for admissions and being accepted, both you and the university benefit. We are primarily seeking mature adults of work force age (24 - 58). However, younger adults and the retired are free to submit an application. The focus group will receive the same benefits as would other graduate students, to include Course Completion Certificates for each of the nine courses, communications with the university, the same final examination and then, the award of the Master's In Business Administration Degree. You also receive your Official Transcripts for the work you complete during the rogram. The Provost of the university maintains project statistics separate from your dossier. If for any reason your application is not accepted, you will not be charged. The Registrar will send you an email notice that explains the reasons why your application was not processed. The Registrar allows 3 business days for you to correct the discrepancies noted if you choose to continue with the enrollment process. Ater 3 days, we must award the grant to someone else. If you follow the registration instructions and complete the online forms properly, there should be no delays in our review of your application. There is a $125.00 fee that pays for the following non-tuition costs:

  • Bandwidth usage on our servers
  • One Overnight Shipment (final examination)
  • Two USPS shipments (Examination schedule notice, course completion certificates and diploma)
  • Technical support (academic support paid by NAPL Grant).
  • Judiciary Guardianship Foundation for the IERP

This is not for profit. Your tuition is paid for you via a grant from the Delaware NAPL Trust (private association / non-academic benefactor). Again, this is an important educational research project for the right participants. Your $125.00 fee is non-refundable and its distribution is itemized in the paragraph above. The results of this research project will be publicly available in June of 2006. The university bookstore will also offer the bound dissertation of the research project.

How You Earn Your Degree:

  • 1) Become a registered participant and get your access password for Student Log-In.
  • 2) Download the currently scheduled course.
  • 3) Study the course for a minimum of 45 hours.
  • 4) Take ALL of the multimedia, online quizzes.
  • 5) Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each of the 8 remaining courses.
  • 6) Return the Certification Packet along with your Notarized Course Completion forms.
  • 7) We thoroughly review your Certification Packet.
  • 8) If your packet is complete, we will send the final examination to your proctor.
  • 9) Take the final examination in the presence of your proctor.
  • 10) Your proctor completes the certification form in the presence of a Notary Public.
  • 11) Your proctor returns the notarized certification and examination to the university within 96 hours.
  • 12) We grade the examination.
  • 13) When you pass the examination, the university awards the 9 Course Completion Certificates, the Master's Degree in Business Administration and two copies of your Official Transcripts.

Remember that we must award the remaining 500 grants for this project by Monday, December 31, 2001 or sooner or we risk loosing our grant too. The support staff will ensure that you are online and able to study during the holiday break. If you have an interest in advanced education and desire to earn a respected graduate degree in as few as 18 - 20 weeks, we encourage you to get more information on the International Educational Research Project. The information is free and automated. You are under no obligations to participate.

Call our 24 hour research line
and leave us your name and email address.
Additional information will be sent to you
via email the same day.

Call 24 Hours To Leave Your Name And Email Address.
1 ( 8 0 8 ) 8 8 7 - 6 4 6 1
Enter Research Code: 8 0 0 2 6 8 1 5 at the main prompt.
Marketing 501 is in session!

"This is your chance to help improve the quality and lower the cost
of distance learning for all adults; while simultaneously
earning your Master's Degree... Tuition FREE!"

University of Advanced Research - Hawaii Campus
Drawer 334
Downtown Historic Building
Papaikou, Hawaii 96781

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