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Re: What's a simple way to set up a private network of a few peers for t

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: What's a simple way to set up a private network of a few peers for testing purposes?
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 21:22:21 +0200
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Why don't you just run a few VMs on your local machine? It's not like a
GNUnet peer requires tons of resources, so a typical system should
easily be able to run several VMs with a GNUnet peer in each. If you
then disable external network connectivity, you're pretty much
guaranteed to only be talking to yourself ;-).

My 2 cents


On 9/23/21 4:25 PM, Alessio Vanni wrote:
> Hello,
> as per the subject, I'm looking for a way to set up a small independent
> network of peers to test an application.
> What I'm looking for is primarily for this network to exist
> independently from the normal global GNUnet network that peers connect
> to when using the default configuration.
> I don't really care if the testing can be automated or if it has to be
> handled manually, or if there are concerns about speed or stability; as
> long as the above condition holds I'm fine with anything. I can probably
> work around issues, if there's a need to.
> I know that GNUnet has TESTING and TESTBED, but I can't tell if whatever
> they do happens on a dedicated network of peers or if they still make
> contacts with the outer world, in addition to having to study the API,
> so I haven't yet tried them.
> The main reason is that I have some test data that I don't want to (and
> for some of it "can't") distribute on the global network, but I can't
> run any tests without having two or three other connected peers.
> If it makes things different, as briefly said in the subject, the
> network can just be a total of three peers connected with each other, as
> that is enough to check if the application works regardless of other
> metrics, so I don't really need things that might make setting things up
> more complex.
> Thanks,
> A.V.
> P.S. to be honest, "just use TESTBED" would be the ideal answer, but
> since I need independence and I don't know if TESTBED does it, I thought
> I'd ask before spending time on something that I don't need.

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