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Re: Planning to continue working on Secushare

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Re: Planning to continue working on Secushare
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 07:05:57 +0000

Hey Tobias,

On 19.09.21 11:08, Tobias Platen wrote:
> I successfully compiled gnunet-secushare, but I got an a runtime error,
> so the next thing that I'll do ist fixing many bugs that occur.
> 2021-09-19T10:57:50.884585+0200 gnunet-social-110956 ERROR Assertion
> failed at social_api.c:2682. Aborting.
> My long term plan is to write a gui using libhandy, maybe adding a
> webui and working on a VRChat replacemement called "Godot XR PSYC
> Chat". I created a mailing list called librevr on

When we (lurchi, xrs and lynx) manually tested the secushare code for 
the last time it was not working.

There are some open questions about the gnunet-secushare code:

- Is it not working, because of other Subsystems not working it is based 

- Is it not working, because it is unfinished. You will find undone 
code, and some TODOs.

- How many bugs are there.

- Is the psyc layer the appropriate way to implement a Psyc2 protocol.

Form this questions one big questions arises. Is it worth to get the 
secushare code running, or does one need to do a fresh start.

We are working on a reimplementation of the transport subsystem. Until 
this work is finished it will be much harder to find out, if the 
secushare code is just not working, because of problems with lower level 

Maybe the best approach for your project would be to have a look onto 
the messenger library. It has the same problem of being dependent on the 
reimplementation of the transport system, but it is being actively 
developed, and should do a better job than the multicast layer of the 
secushare code.

The messenger library could then be used to send psyc messages. Here one 
could think about reusing the psyc layer of secushare, or parts of it. 
There was some critic about the psyc layer I can not remember correctly. 
Something about not really being a psyc parser to use the potential of a 
extensible text based protocol.

Maybe it is not necessary for your application code to interface with 
the social layer but with the/a psyc layer/parser.

Maybe it would be a good idea to join the next GNUnet meeting which will 
be on the 10th of October at 20:00 CEST.



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