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Re: Open questions regarding new messenger and secushare and organizatio

From: Tobias Platen
Subject: Re: Open questions regarding new messenger and secushare and organization Was: Make GNUnet Great Again
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:19:17 +0200
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On Mon, 2020-11-16 at 09:28 +0100, t3sserakt wrote:
> Hey Bastian,
> thank you very much for your support.
> I like to explicitly invite you and everybody who likes to help some
> how
> to our monthly GNUnet meeting. This meeting is not exclusively for
> main
> developers or even developers at all. Do not expect us to find
> something
> for you to do immediately, because that is also a matter of resource
> allocation. There is enough to do, and we will find something. 
> On 15.11.20 23:25, wrote:
> > If I understand that right, we wouldn't had a problem here, at all,
> > in the first place, if 3 GNUnet key components on which secushare
> > development highly depends on, would be just fine: CADET, core and
> > transport.
> It is mainly transport. For CADET I am quite sure it is working.
> > And as I got the impression, all these 3 components are in the
> > process of being revised to fit like that, but that process is a
> > ton of work and therefore lasts long.
> We are only rewriting transport at the moment, which is indeed a lot
> of
> work. Part of that is making NAT  traversal work much better, because
> sometimes peers have problems getting into the network initially.
> When
> we have something in place that is working (means unit test are not
> failing), we might think of testing this NAT traversal in as many as
> possible real world scenarios. 
> Cheers
> t3sserakt

I just started hacking on gnunet-secushare, now the first thing that I
need is starting the services. Those are installed in

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