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Pre-announcement of partial Scheme port of client libraries

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Pre-announcement of partial Scheme port of client libraries
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:57:44 +0200
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I've been porting parts of the client libraries of GNUnet to Guile (*) and
changing a few things.  It now has sufficient functionality for a v0.1
POC release (**), but I have a few questions to ask before I announce it.

(*) See ‘4. Relation to gnunet-guile’ for differences with
<> and
(**) It can talk with the NSE service.

1. Name

   I've been calling the port ‘Scheme-GNUnet’.  Would this be acceptable,
   or do I have to remove GNUnet from the name?

2. Infrastructure

   As it is library for interacting with GNUnet services, I thought
   the pre-existing, and mailing lists might be appropriate.  Can I direct
   people help-gnunet@ for help about Scheme-GNUnet and gnunet-developers@
   for sending patches for Scheme-GNUnet?  And can I send release announcements
   at info-gnunet@?

3. Copyright assignment

   I noticed most source code of GNUnet, with some exceptions, only lists
   ‘GNUnet e.V.’ under the copyright notices.  Would it be possible for
   contributors to Scheme-GNUnet to (if they want to) assign the copyright
   to GNUnet e.V.?  And would this be desirable?

4. Relation to gnunet-guile (not a question).

Some may be wondering why I didn't use the
<> or
<> Guile bindings instead of writing
my own <>;.  The answer is that:

   (1) I didn't write Guile->C bindings, I ported parts of GNUnet from C to
   (2) A few parts of the Guile bindings are reused in the Guile port
   (3) there were some crashes with the Guile bindings (things like
       NULL-pointer exceptions)
   (4) I couldn't figure out the issue
   (5) I would like to use GNUnet from within guile-fibers, but didn't succeed
       in letting the C event loop cooperate with guile-fibers' scheduling
   (6) I find Scheme easier to hack on than C.

For the interested, I have included a copy of the manual.


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