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Re: The messenger service is ready to use

From: Karl
Subject: Re: The messenger service is ready to use
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2021 09:30:05 -0500

Hi Jacki,

I just got the last pieces done to complete the core functionality of
the messenger service I'm working on for a while. So it is updated on
the main branch now and can be build by enabling the experimental flag.
(I think it's best letting it experimental until a next major release.)

I just found your thread.  Thank you for your wonderful work.

I don't know what your protocol looks like, but please consider the needs of people using airgapped sneakernet in future design work.  Not everybody can keep data uncompromised on a networked system.  PGP and I believe Signal are workable across sneakernet, but secushare didn't design for the usecase, requiring networked keys.

Regardless, the world needs a core peer to peer messaging system, and anything you can publish is incredible.

Be well.

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