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I think I have fixed it somehow.

From: TheJackiMonster
Subject: I think I have fixed it somehow.
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 01:58:51 +0100
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funny story... I was actually debugging my code of the messenger
service and encountered a weird bug which was caused by an assert in
one of my latest changes (the signing via EGO keys).

It turned out the assert failed because of a wrongly used htonl()
instead of ntohl() to check the signatures size. But I was really
confused of this because I was very certain, I had copied it from the
signing macro for ECDSA keys to not make any mistake. ^^'

...well, I did: So it seemed that both (ECDSA and EDDSA) sign makros
and the one (ECDSA) verify makro swapped htonl() and ntohl() in its
first assert.

So I tried correcting it and it looks like nearly all of the tests pass
now. Before most tests didn't even start when I called 'make check'
(only 50) and one test of them failed while one other skipped (which I
thought was normal from such a huge project) but that simply changed
just by flipping this typo. I have never seen so much green flowing
down during debugging before. ^^'

I guess, I will commit the change to the main branch. Lucky thing to
encounter. ^-^

Oh and by the way the messenger service seems to work fine now as well
but I still need to write more testcases to make sure huge groups work
actually as intended.

Happy hacking

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