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Re: Stop flooding log files while waiting for TNG

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: Stop flooding log files while waiting for TNG
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 08:40:51 +0200
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Ok, pushed, thanks! -Christian

On 9/24/20 10:21 PM, Alessio Vanni wrote:
> Hello,
> currently "gnunet-service-transport" logs the time it took to send some
> bytes to a certain peer.  The problem with this logging is that it
> floods the logfile with a lot of essentially useless informations.
> Aside not really telling anything useful to users (the timing is really
> interesting only to those people measuring the performance of the
> service/network), it generates a lot of disk writing and easily fill up
> disk space (after something like 30 minutes of my peer being active, I
> get a log file of several megabytes.)
> Another downside is that it actually hides other informations that might
> actually be important: for example right now I'm getting a lot of
> protocol violation messages within CADET; they were hidden by transport
> before (or anyway hard to find.)
> The attached patch adds an option to to control the
> logging. It's disabled by default so normal users don't have to change
> their "configure" incantation and people actually interested in
> transport performance can opt-in without too much hassle (the option
> name is long on purpose.)
> When TNG is ready to take over, the option can be removed or even
> recycled for the new code. In the meantime, it will avoid a lot of noise
> and disk activity.
> Thanks,
> A.V.

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