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Re: State of the decentralized groupchat

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Re: State of the decentralized groupchat
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 10:02:35 +0200
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Hey Jacki,

On 25.08.20 01:33, TheJackiMonster wrote:
> Because we thought it made more sense to implement it in a separate
> library than rewriting the existing code on multiple ends, that's
> basically what I did the last months and it's close to finished for
> testing.
Very nice!
> I was just thinking if I should make it an actual GNUNET service and
> working out how to handle multiple applications using the library at
> once with separate egos. (This would also ease testing.) Do you think
> this would make sense?

Definitely! Then an application can handle different egos, too. This is
a nice feature, if you like to use the cadet-gtk/groupchat to
communicate with egos of other persons and you do not like them to know
your egos are one and the same person. The "only" missing piece then is
to have routing on top of cadet which is not using peer ids for routing,
because in case of routing based on peer ids it is known to other peers
that messages for two different egos are send to the same peer. 



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