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From: dvn
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 21:45:16 -0800, carlo von lynX <address@hidden>
Subject: Call for Proposals - Privacy and Decentralization @ 36c3 (YBTI)

The GNUnet project is organizing another "youbroketheinterent/wefixthenet"      
session at 36c3 this year.                                                      
Working on a p2p project and ready to share? Maybe you are doing                
something new and interesting with Tor hidden services. We would like           
to know about it!                                                               
Welcome all who are interested in decentralization, privacy, and                
post-Snowden networking to submit talk proposals to:                            
Please include your desired amount of stage time along with a summary           
of your talk in your email.                                                     
Take a look at our past talks on for           
some inspiration.                                                               
Happy Hacking!   

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