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Re: [GNUnet-developers] website and logo rework

From: Krumelmonster
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] website and logo rework
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 15:16:46 +0100
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Hey everyone,

As much as I like the current logo, I agree that the target group may
change and a need for a new logo, maybe one that could be used in
end-user applications, may come up
I read the icon design article and felt like seeing how a gnu fit into
the more common internet metaphor of 'movement around a sphere' and the
also popular network-graph thingy.
I essentially mixed two svgs and the results are attached. Just some
inspiration for the unpayed designer we're waiting for.

By the way, regarding that intro text you proposed, I have strong doubts
as to whether software itself can be ethical. Users can be. Or
developers. I'd assume moral conduct to be limited to individuals.

On 01/27/2018 10:09 AM, amirouche wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the feedback!
> I will not reply to every single mail and try to summarize the the whole
> thread here.
> Le ven. 26 janv. 2018 à 23:44, Marcel Klehr <address@hidden> a écrit :
>> Hey everyone,
>> as a long time lurker, tried-it-once-didn't-work user and
>> really-like-to-but-don't-have-time developer I must say it's awesome to
>> see people motivated to polish the public appearance of the project,
>> which is time-consuming and not very product in the short-term, but very
>> valuable long-term. The logo is something that has been especially
>> bothering me for some time, without me doing anything about it.
>> Now, that I see there's interest in a new appearance, an idea for a logo
>> hit me that I'd like to share with you guys. It's based on the Guix
>> logo, but adds a different touch :)
>> Cheers everyone, keep up the great work!
> Awesome logo. It is in my plan to experiment with Guix logo. Maybe it's not
> necessary anymore... There is one issue that might arise with small size of
> this logo. The edges might disappear... We need to test.
> I will contact the person who did the guix logo to get some feedback and
> ask
> them to chime in.
> Re: Martin, tx for link. It raise a good point ie. the logo must be usable
> as an icon. The only "rule" I break in the previous iteration is "text
> inside the icon". BTW, I considered _refreshing_ the current logo, but I
> don't
> think I am up to the task...
> I reconsidered "text inside the logo". Text inside the logo
> will make the font (confortaa) a permanent choice or something like that.
> I think that most brands that use text in logo design their own font...
> What makes a good logo with some discussion, based on a search on the web:
> - Good in all size: with little change as possible: for that I think we
>  must drop "text in logo" and maybe experiment with a 3x3 grid (3 vertices
>  per 3 vertices grid ie. 9 vertices instead of 16). I used 4x4 to make the
>  text nicer in the logo and avoid the cross in the logo like suggested in a
>  thread. Also there is more matter in 4x4 grid to create "networks".
> - Memorable: I think it imply that the logo must be simple. The affiliation
>  with GNU must be as clear as possible: in this regard, the logo from
> Marcel
>  I think is the best. It also vote for using GNU with big letters inside
> the
>  name GNUnet.
> - Not too much colors: in this regard the pink + green + blue version
> disqualify
>  itself.
> - It must stand the test of time: that's difficult to forsee but again
>  the pink + green + blue colors are taken from flat ui color palette.
>  That is why the logo might seem current and memorable but when fashion
>  will change the colors and logo will seem old. So, using our own color
>  palette might be a safer bet.
> Other advices I found on the web are somewhat common sens (no stock art,
> no pixelated images, don't copy logos).
> I did not want to explain the idea behind the logo before to avoid
> spoiling.
> The main ideas behind the logo are:
> - Keep the academical / mathy background of the project: that's why it's
> based
>  on a square grid and is not free-form. It's also inspired from a Go board.
> - Make it look futuristic: that's why I used metaballs (bubbly nodes)
> instead
>  of plain vertex + edges. That said, in Marcel logo the futuristic look
> is there.
>  That is also why I used the flat ui colors because they look futuristic
>  compared to material design colors.
> - Look different to express that it's an alternative: in this regard
>  the gray + green version of my logo works best, but I don't know
>  how much "l33t" GNUnet must look or not.
> I will continue to experiment on logos. Here is the current batch:
> I am not happy with the current network layout in the logo, which was
> designed
> to make it work in "text in logo" thing. So will rework that.
> Regarding, the wording.    My understanding based on the feedback and
> taking some
> distance is that it's _difficult_ to simplify the message. I guess that
> is why
> marketing is a job in itself...
> IMHO it's not because "ethic" is not fashionable in commercial setting,
> that we must avoid it.
> I think we need four things:
> - a new logo
> - tag line: five words sentence to describe the project
> - three or four small sentences to explain further the project features
> - Split the target audience into three categories (user, dev, researcher)
>  and explain what GNUnet can do for them.
> guix website does a good job
> In terms of webdesign, guix website is particularly good because it avoids
> the trap of looking mainstream like ipfs or freenet without falling into
> the l33t trap.
> I also find the following websites interesting:
> -
> -
> I will be at guile/guix event before FOSDEM next week if you want to meet
> in person, I will be giving a (small) talk about guile-wiredtiger
> (a database library).
> Add you name to if you
> intend to come because places are limited.
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