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[GNUnet-developers] [Fwd: Re: GNUnet SA (website subproject)]

From: ng0
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] [Fwd: Re: GNUnet SA (website subproject)]
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 13:42:13 +0000


for those unaware of the context of this forwarded
message: We are currently working on making a release
of GNUnet, version 0.11.

If you have push access to and signed the CA (in other words,
for members), or if you'd like to help otherwise:
This message provides some info on the new website. If you'd like to
work on it or have questions about any of the items, feel free to ask
in this thread, on the list (we've had async discussions about it offlist
for about a year, no need for more offlist discussions).
The repository for this new website currently accepts unsigned commits
due to some complications of importing a set of mixed signed/unsigned
commits. Please sign your commits to this repository.

Happy hacking!

----- Forwarded message from ng0 -----

> Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 20:30:25 +0000
> From: ng0
> To: redacted
> Cc: redacted
> Subject: Re: GNUnet SA (website subproject)
> With regards to the website:
>      Website is now located in address@hidden:www.git HEAD of master
>      is compatible with master of, you are supposed
>      to base changes on Taler when possible.
> Here's my attempt to summarize what we want to achieve and some
> words for those who want to work on this (this email will be copied
> into the repo):
> * Use PEP checkers (flake8, and pylint with pylint-django).
> differences to the old (current) version of the website:
> * private blogs will go away
> * simple announcements will be published as news
> * hosted services must be dealt with:
>   * bibliography:
>     For now it will move to a self-hosted anonbib instance we have
>     to deploy.
>     Temporarily we won't have tags, so we need to export the tags
>     we have on the current bibliography view somehow (so that they
>     can be added later on).
>     We will be able to work together with torproject on improvements
>     to anonbib as long as we use it.
>     Access:
>     * This should be accessible at
>   * Documentation:
>     Using the gnu script in the 'doc' folder of the gnunet source,
>     we can deploy the whole selection of Manual outputs to
>     *
>   * irc logs:
>     Devan proposed that we should use a self-hosted instance of
> ... for this we need to dump the SQL DB that
>     contains the current Drupal based IRC bot (it has no built-in
>     export function) and convert it to one of the formats which
>     botbot can read and write.
>     Access:
>     * This should be accessible at or
>  Now, on to the website:
>  * "UI":
>    Mostly a separation of user and developer content.
>    While there should be no separation, the requested content will
>    be different from their perspective.
>  * Section "Docs": FAQ
>  * Section "Community": ev, irc logs, team
>  * Section "Contact": Contact
>  * Section "Downloads": Downloads, links to repositories
>  * Section "Impressum": link to impressum, could be in the footer.
> The ones listed above here should probably be improved / polished, but
> not too much work here, except for IRC.
>  * Section "Posts": web log / posts / news.
>  * Section "Developers Corner": 
> > I'd separate blogs/posts from 'news'.  Official news can go via the
> > usual Git, but personal blogs/posts require more interactivity than
> > desirable. There, we should probably just run an RSS aggregator over
> > blogs by developers.
>  * We'll drop the forum
> I don't have any strong opinion on the implementation and I think Christian
> as well as myself would be available to offer more insights into the earlier
> discussions.
> -- 
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