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[GNUnet-developers] 4th dev-mumble notes

From: Julius Bünger
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] 4th dev-mumble notes
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 22:49:18 +0100
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Hi *,

I made notes during the dev-mumble today. They are not complete, but
better than nothing. Feel free to complete.


New guy: Arthur_Dewarumez: Alternative DHT

"Dold-guy": gnunet-java, SMC (voting), Taler
(Back from Microsoft)
Plans: finish master, come to Rennes,
     GNUnet-specific: consensus, mesh, electrical engenieering - Taler - 

Sri-Harsha: implenting ..., blind coins -> database
            P2P-Course (see below)

GsoC: Guix, searching for supervisor (Sri-Harsha, bart)
      Proposal: Small test for potential student

Mike: Devel (No GsoC participant), interest in p2p (ad-hoc community networks, 
share docs and files - secushare (?), gnunet-conversation)

gnunet-conversation: (microfone config issues, wait for 10 mins to hear, 
  use following to configure audio:
    ./gnunet-helper-audio-record | ./gnunet-helper-audio-playback
  self-test would be nice
  echo-server would be nice

0.10.2 release: bugfixing

secure messaging: - did not understand due to bad sound quality -
  release planning: ..., working on api

rps status: main code mostly done, todo: malicious peers and profiler

hosting gnunet in gnunet (git over gnunet - not mature, possibly keeps others 
from joining, "not quite there")

p2p-course at TUM: 50/50 code/exam - quizzes
    (un)structured networks,
  Project: distributet in sub-projects, (voice?), more general (not
  comparison onion-confusation

           I prefer to communicate via GPG-encrypted email.
           My key:  B413F3B3       Keyserver:

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