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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Propose new feature - Search Indexer WebService

From: SMoratinos
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Propose new feature - Search Indexer WebService for GNUnet
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 23:40:38 +0100
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1 / publisher can push data out into the network
 --> 'gnunet-publish -r REPLICATION_LEVEL FILENAME'

2 / accept new data from the network

3 / send content out into the network

4 / notification from local database
 --> 'gnunet-search -n keyword' pooling (run continuously)

All this is great :)
I haven't see this ! However, this informations are in the man pages.
Very good.

[4] can be optional, if the user don't want notification.
If a user want notification (like me), we could develop a service
which do the job. Request continuously the database and search for
new content. Or just add a feature in fs, which notify when new
content is store in database. Or perhaps a database trigger
(but this is not standard) ?
I don't known the easier/best way.
The notication may be a socket message ?
Then a user interface can subscribe to this notification.

[2] and [3], now, this parameters are set to YES by default.
 This is good !

[1] Replication, How does it works ?

From documentation :
"When peers migrate content to other systems, the replication level
of a block is used to decide which blocks need to be migrated most
urgently. GNUnet will always push the block with the highest
replication level into the network, and then decrement the replication
level by one. If all blocks reach replication level zero, the
selection is simply random."

If I don't specify REPLICATION_LEVEL when I publish content,
is it the same as REPLICATION_LEVEL=0 ?

"If all blocks reach replication level zero, the selection is simply random."
So, the replication don't stop ?

If I understand, by default configuration Gnunet push content
to network and others peers propagate the content to others, etc.
How a peer decide to stop the migration ? This is not infinite.

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