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[GNUnet-developers] few questions on opensuse (useradd, groupadd), also:

From: sngh
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] few questions on opensuse (useradd, groupadd), also: where does LE_PREFIX come from?
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 01:12:41 +0100

Hello list,

reading through README from 0.9.4, building from source, having openSuse system

> $ export GNUNET_PREFIX=/usr/local # or other directory of your choice
> # addgroup gnunetdns
> # adduser gnunet gnunet
> # ./configure --prefix=$GNUNET_PREFIX --with-extractor=$LE_PREFIX

there is no addgroup or adduser on opensuse. there is groupadd, I
added a group called "gnunetdns"

/etc/group now has:

What about the adduser command, I suppose thats an error in README,
should there be a user called "gnunet" added into the previously
created group "gnunetdns", or is that gnunetdns as the group name
false, and should the groups name also be gnunet, and the user gnunet
be a member of group gnunet?

With "usermod" I modded the user "gnunet" a bit:
id gnunet
uid=1001(gnunet) gid=1000(gnunetdns) groups=1000(gnunetdns),33(video),100(users)
so now I have a user called "gnunet" member of "gnunetdns" group. is
this according to the needs of the gnunet app?

Also, where is the LE_PREFIX defined? I have previously compiled
libextractor (1.0.1 or so) myself, I suppose LE stands for
libextractor, and that got itself installed into /usr/lib/ or so as
defaulted, but I dont have a variable name called LE_PREFIX (yet? does
the make and config scripts of gnunet sources give me that variable?)

Thanks for helping. Regards.

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