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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Specifying file names for uploaded files

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Specifying file names for uploaded files
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 11:25:36 +0200
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I agree.  The rationale for removing the *extracted* filename was that it can 
be of the form /home/$USER/somedir/somefile.ext and having $USER in there 
would cause obvious problems with anonymity.  Hence we cut it down 
to "somefile.ext".  That the user might have manually changed 
EXTRACTOR_FILENAME is something I clearly overlooked.

I'll make sure this is taken care of for 0.9.x; I can not think of an easy fix 
for 0.8.x that would avoid the above problem of potentially exposing $USER.



Am Sunday 26 July 2009 04:07:26 schrieb Kenneth Almquist:
> In GNUnet-0.8.0c/src/applications/fs/fsui/upload.c, the function
> GNUNET_FSUI_uploadThread deletes any EXTRACTOR_FILENAME entries from the
> metadata, and then inserts a EXTRACTOR_FILENAME entry containing the last
> part of the path name of the file on the local host.  What this means is
> that if the user specifies the value of the filename metadata field (using
> the -m option of gnunet-insert), the value specified by the user will be
> ignored.
> I can think of a number of reasons why a user might want to publish a file
> under a different name than the one used in the local file system.  If a
> file has already been published on another network, it might have been
> renamed to embed keywords in the file name.  You might want to publish the
> file under its original name on GNUNET.  Another possibility is that you
> might want to give a file an innocuous or misleading name on the local
> system to make it more difficult for intruders, but still publish under a
> meaningful name on GNUNET.  I can't see any conceptual reason why GNUNET
> shouldn't support this.
> Because publishing to GNUNET is not an operation that can be undone, I
> think that it is important to let the user find out what keywords and
> metadata will be generated without actually publishing.  The gnunet-gtk
> publishing interface has the right idea:  when the user publishes a file
> the metadata and keywords are displayed in a window, and the user can edit
> them if desired before publishing.  Unfortunately, the data displayed is
> not necessarily what will be published, because GNUNET_FSUI_uploadThread
> alters a bunch of metadata fields (not just the filename field) before
> publishing.
> I would suggest that GNUNET_FSUI_uploadThread really shouldn't be altering
> metadata.  If the functionality is necessary, it can be split out into a
> separate routine which gnunet-gtk can call before displaying the metadata
> to the user.
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