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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Libgksu & configuration support

From: Milan
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Libgksu & configuration support
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:24:04 +0100
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Christian Grothoff a écrit :
> Ok, assuming that what you're trying to talk about is starting gnunetd from 
> gnunet-gtk and your issue is that the existing gnunet-util "start-daemon" 
> functions wouldn't work -- why not just avoid using them entirely if you use 
> libgdksu?  As for process priorities,pidfile, etc, I don't think those are an 
> issue since you can just read the values from gnunetd.conf (if gtksu needs 
> them) -- remember, you can load a 2nd configuration file using the new 
> GNUNET_GC_* apis (so you can have both a gnunet.conf and a gnunetd.conf in 
> memory at the same time and know which one you're using when).  
OK that should work well.
> So I think my answer is: you don't have to use the gnunet-util functions to 
> start/stop gnunetd if they are not appropriate.  Does that answer your 
> question(s)?
So I can simply use my own methods with libgksu (by the way, note it's
not called /libgdksu/ and has nothing to do with GDK/GTK ;-) ) imitating
what launchWithExec does. But I can see that this function uses
hardcoded nice values: maybe the best would be to get this from the
config file so that it can be modified.

Maybe also using pid files like /var/run/gnunetd/ in Debian
could be good to integrate better with the system (so that event-based
services managers like upstart could still decide when to start/stop
gnunetd, for example when network is up/down). Again, an entry in
gnunetd.conf would do the trick and ensure we will never conflict with
the distrib.

This said, there shouldn't be any issue with that feature and I'll look
into this.
>> PS: would it make sense I ask Debian to set dependencies for gnunet-*
>> packages so that the whole series (gnunet-server, gnunet-gtk,
>> gnunet-qt...) require from each other the very same version (eg =
>> 0.7.2c)? At the moment, you can use gnunet-gtk 0.7.1 with gnunetd
>> 0.7.2c, which brought me a crash in Ubuntu.
> Well, having all of them require an exact match may not always be correct. 
> For 
> example, we may not always have a new gnunet-qt/gtk/fuse release when we 
> change GNUnet, and these versions maybe compatible (sometimes).
> Now, the 0.7.3 release should be flagged to conflict with any previous 
> release 
> of any of the other packages.  And whenever we break compatibility like this, 
> a conflict should be put in.  But I don't think we should by default always 
> require exact matches (since this may sometimes force unnecessary package 
> updates). 
I open a bug about that and libgksu2 with this explanation. So for each
release they should ask or look at a document where this is written.

Another point: could you add on the website that libgksu2 is a
recommended/facultative gnunet-gtk build requirement? libnotify could be
there too.

Good hacking towards 0.7.3!

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