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[GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] GNUnet 0.6.6b and GNUnet 0.7.0pre0

From: Milan
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] GNUnet 0.6.6b and GNUnet 0.7.0pre0 released
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:31:22 +0100

Le dimanche 27 février 2005 à 23:05 -0500, Christian Grothoff a écrit :
> 0.7.0pre0 requires libextractor >= 0.4.2 (it will not even compile against 
> libextractor 0.4.1 or without libextractor).
Does this mean that the final version will always use libextractor ? You
know I'm still coding a music insert window, and it uses for most of it
features libextractor, so I had to insert many #ifdef USE_LIBEXTRACTOR,
which makes some problems. So it would be gret for me if libextractor
was a required dependency.

Speaking about my project, I'm about to finish it, I hope for 0.7... ;-)
Everything is working, but real insertion ! I'm coding it know, using
the functions you told me. I attach the executable, hoping you can
execute it (compiled under Debian Sarge). If you want the sources, go
to :

And tell me your impressions !

Clé GnuPG : 0xB4A12547

"Libérez-vous des systèmes propriétaires... Passez à GNU/Linux"
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