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Re: [gnuit-dev] Fix doc/Makefile installation on non-Linux platforms

From: James Rowe
Subject: Re: [gnuit-dev] Fix doc/Makefile installation on non-Linux platforms
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 11:01:44 +0000
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* Gerald Pfeifer (address@hidden) wrote:
> dpkg-help.txt is not a program, and thus install on FreeBSD fails
> with a hard error.  The patch below addresses this bug.

  This is already fixed in the dev tree since September[1].

> -     $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -m 644 $(srcdir)/dpkg-help.txt 
> $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gnuit/dpkg-help.txt
> +     $(INSTALL_DATA) -m 644 $(srcdir)/dpkg-help.txt 
> $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/gnuit/dpkg-help.txt

  For what it is worth 644 is the default INSTALL_DATA permissions mode
anyway, see in the automake package, so it can be removed
when fixing these problems in other packages.



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