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[Gnugeneration-announce] New-style Progress Reports

From: Max Shinn
Subject: [Gnugeneration-announce] New-style Progress Reports
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 08:54:34 -0500 (CDT)
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Hello all,
It is time to submit progress reports again.  However, this time, we would
like to try something different.

After one week (next Saturday), all of the progress reports will be
compiled together and sent out to all GNU Generation participants through
the mailing list.  Instead of what progress reports have been in the past,
think of this as a way to inform other GNU Generation participants of the
cool stuff you've been working on.

Did you report a bug to a new project you found that you really want to
succeed?  Did you develop your own free software script that you think
other people might be interested in?  If you have only done a little bit,
don't let that stop you from submitting a progress report.

There may or may not be a "member of the month" from any given batch
progress reports, but *please do not think of them as submissions to a
contest*.  Instead, think of it as a way to learn about what other
participants have been doing.

Also, while we don't want to impose any length limit, just remember that
all of the progress reports will be compiled and sent out together.

Progress reports can be sent to max at fsf dot org.

Thank you all, and happy hacking!

Max Shinn
Free Software Foundation Volunteer
Email: address@hidden
Freenode: trombonechamp
GNU Generation:

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