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Re: gnue-designer

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: gnue-designer
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 09:46:00 -0700

> Did I say "max-length"? Doh.
Oops, you wrote "sizer:max_width" and i wrote "max-length" in my email, sorry.
But in my test file migrate1.gfd i did try "max_width" as well as "length".

> Yes, indeed. Actually, the anomality is that all fields are of undefined
> length: even unbound fields can (and usually would) have a datatype and
> length defined.
Aha, on the <field> element rather than on the <entry> element.
OK, I added that to migrate1.gfd, much better :)

> I tend to recommend to not put too much work into migration. I have no
> idea how many gfd's are out there which ever would be migrated, but I
> don't think there are tons of them.
OK, i was starting to wonder about that; this is good info, thanks.

FYI I expect to be busy with customer work the next 2-3 weeks,
and hope to look at GNUe again later in October.
In the meantime, I should be able to get the FSF copyright paperwork through.

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