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[Gnucap-devel] savannah git repositories

From: Felix Salfelder
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] savannah git repositories
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 11:57:23 +0200
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Hi Al.

i'd like to move my gnucap related git repositories to savannah. mostly
to prevent bitrot, but also due to limited existence of the current

afaics there are three options, two of them look reasonable.
1) create seperate projects for each of them
2) register additional repositories within the gnucap project, cf. [1]
3) mash up everything into one repo (unreasonable).

because i do not like 1) (overkill), i'd like to ask you to create
'gnucap-geda', 'gnucap-adms', 'gnucap-bm', maybe 'gnucap-jack'. also
the repos 'gnucap-bsim' 'gnucap-spice', 'gnucap-ngspice',
'gnucap-jspice' are the canonical places for the respective plugin



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