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[Gnucap-devel] The to-do list.

From: al davis
Subject: [Gnucap-devel] The to-do list.
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 01:40:44 -0400
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This is my list of things that should be done before making a 
stable release.

Actually, Core #1 and 2 are the only ones that are release-

1. configure update
2. parameter expressions are not always evaluated correctly.
   a. when the first arg is a number
   b. possible scope problems
   c. quoting, parsing inconsistency
3. user documentation
4. file rearrangement
5. measure-param equivalency
6. i/o redirection inconsistency
1. some spice models don't work
2. gear in spice models
3. IC in spice models
4. binning in spice models

In Spice language plugin:
1. device letter conflict not always correctly resolved.

In Verilog and Spectre plugins:
1. lib in spectre and verilog
2. Verilog multi-line statements
3. ac, dc sources in Verilog and spectre
4. Verilog "ground" statement, direction statements.
5. recognize language by file type

Possible enhancements:
1. Load with compile
2. Transpose solver
3. Device noise stub
4. Light main, core in library

1. parameter evaluation
gnucap> param aa={pow(abs(3), abs(-2))}
gnucap> param
 aa=pow(abs(3), abs(-2))
gnucap> eval aa
aa= 10.89
(should be 9)

gnucap> eval bar(4,5,6)
gd: ../ virtual void 
Expression::dump(std::ostream&) const: Assertion 
`!stack.empty()' failed.
bar(4, 5, 6)
(error handler .. bar not defined, so there is a user error, but 
it is reported incorrectly.

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