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Re: [Gnucap-devel] Gnucap - looking for development help

From: michelts
Subject: Re: [Gnucap-devel] Gnucap - looking for development help
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 09:08:46 -0300

Hi Al,

> I am looking for help in developing gnucap, of almost all
>  kinds, including that which doesn't require advanced knowledge
>  of simulation.
> Some types of work that are particularly needed:
> -- Documentation -- user manuals, tutorials, beginner help

I'm done some examples to a presentation in my class, it's simple
examples of simple RL/RC/RLC circuits... There is an example with
Diode too. I can edit the presentation and save it in pdf.

> -- Spice compatibility evaluation and changes.
> -- Model evaluation and development
> -- User interface development (a real interactive interpreter),
> preferably in an object-oriented interpreted language.

I am a python programmer, I cursing Electrical Enginnering but I'm in
the 4th period (2nd year), maybe I can help with something, what do
you think about oregano?

Michel Thadeu Sabchuk
Curitiba - Brasil

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