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[gNewSense-users] needed wiki pages

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: [gNewSense-users] needed wiki pages
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 01:39:27 +0930

hi all
could someone take on doing these two pages please?

* A page describing how to report a bug in our system, include details
of filling out the form, what to include, other stuff you think
relevent. Linking to existing 'reporting good bugs' pages could be a
good idea too.

* Importance of creating a profile, and how to create a profile.

* I was thinking a general how the wiki is layed out, and using the wiki
doc, but we coudl probably link some existing pmwiki docs for that one.

If you want to do a page (or at least start it), please reply here so
people know not to dupe effort.

Karl Goetz <address@hidden>

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