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Fwd: [gNewSense-users] Status of licences for MAIN packages.

From: Chris Andrew
Subject: Fwd: [gNewSense-users] Status of licences for MAIN packages.
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 21:01:26 +0100


Thanks for your mail.  I'm a bit out of the loop on this one.  From your message, I gather that personal information has been transmitted on IRC channels.  The only info I give out is my email address.  Should people want to use "open source" (as in intelligence tools available to the public) tools, such as Google searches, then they will be able to put together a profile of me.  Whilst this is of some concern, I feel that it is a risk that can be managed.

The GNU/Linux community would struggle to progress without IRC and email, so I feel that people should be careful with the information they give out, but carry-out a risk analysis to assess whether the risk can be offset against the benefits that the masses can gain from "more-free" software, and the inherent security benefits that this software delivers.

In essence, the benefits (IMHO) outweigh the risk.

If I have missed the point, then I apologise.

Many thanks,


(If you respond, then  could you do it to the mailing list, so that others can benefit from the discussion)

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From: Patrick Frank <address@hidden>
Date: 31-May-2007 19:42
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Status of licences for MAIN packages.
To: Chris Andrew <address@hidden>

On 5/31/07, Chris Andrew <address@hidden> wrote:

> For those of you that have put your name down for the checking of licences in MAIN, can you let me
> (MAIN package coordinator) know whether you have done any checking, to date.

With me there are many other people who are willing to support Open Source projects by their
time and work power.

I would be curious to have a feedback from people like you, regarding my mailing list posting
about the privacy issues on Freenode IRC. And I would like to know what you personally think
about such conflict situations, where conflict management obviously fails, because people in
a moderating role have colliding personal interests.


Patrick Frank
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