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[gNewSense-users] project ideals and ethics

From: Patrick Frank
Subject: [gNewSense-users] project ideals and ethics
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 14:10:18 +0200

You should think that we all who advocate Linux and Software that
is released under a free license have the same goals.

But with rude behaviour of debian developers my first conflicts on
Internet Relay Chat started 3-4 years ago.

Other frustrating experiences were added to my list by the time.

Now, I am dealing with the situation that the leader of the Freenode
chat network and board member of the Peer Directed Projects Center
Christel Dahlskjaer gave my secret phone number to that person
who I had a conflict with on chat.

You believe this is not real?

I can assure you this is serious. That person called my phone at
4 am because he thought that number Christel Dahlskjaer gave him
on chat is hers. And he showed me the chat log where he got my
phone number from Christel.

This phone number is not listed in any directory service, only very
few selected people know this number. And I added it to my nickserv
record before, because I planned to register a project. And for that
it is required to give out your number. And only Senior Staff members
can look this data up.

But when you try to email to address@hidden you get no reply.

And when you try to contact them on IRC you get banned from the
network with the remark:

* You may not connect to this server:  Please do not contact freenode
staff directly, but direct all correspondence to Elyssa M. Schnurr -
Law Offices of Elyssa M. Schnurr -  6750 West Loop South - Suite 500,
Bellaire, Texas, 77401. (2007/05/29 10.40)

And now you might wonder what all this has to do with this project.

I tell you it has a lot to do with this project.

One of the leaders of the Gnewsense project is Ompaul. And he is
part of the Freenode Staff team also. And he is buying the stories
of Christel Dahlskjaer, his boss, without checking the situation for
facts. He ignores mails to Freenode Staff as well as setting netwide
bans if you contact him on IRC.

And we talk about privacy here, not about some cyber game of Christel
that needs blind helpers.

Of course Christel Dahlskjaer is spreading the story that I make up
all this just because I am not allowed to visit this IRC network.
But I can assure you that I could care less if I visit some chat with
my home IP or via some proxy.

Christel spread another story all over the networks -
She claims I have threatened to kill her 1,5 years ago.
She claims I said stuff like this:
"I would like to mutilate your face with razorblades'"
And when I came across this story the first time I had to check on what that word "razorblades" actually means. And in confusion
how I could ever have used something like that I was searching
through old log files and found my rude comments.
More than 1,5 years ago I wrote to her on some chat "I want to punch
your face", because I was banned from the network multiple times by
her friend Astinus, because I said in public that I hate her flirting
with dozens of people on channels with serious topics.

Christel Dahlskjaer says herself on her blog that she often suffers
from a lack of sleep, that she reacts unhealthy when stressed by
loads of work, because then she accepts even more duties, she
writes about excessive parties, etc.
And then some "I want to punch your face" is extracted from an entire
conflict situation and is sold to other people like I threatend to
kill her. That I made specific plans and that she had to talk to
friends at the FBI, etc.

So it is no wonder that people like trelane want to be protective and
ride attacks when they see me on IRC.

It is also not surprising that nobody believes my facts.

But my point is not that some ircop on a chat network hates me.
And my point is not that I cant visit a chat network.

My point is -

If you use your private and sensible data on some random porn site
or if you go with some warez kids, then you cant exepct that admins
of such sites respect your privacy.

But we talk about Peer Directed Projects Center and Freenode.

This project is not only tax exempt and so this hobby of a few people
is indirectly sponsored by society.

This project also tries to get sponsorship of big and popular companies
and projects.

So the least thing to expect is that the leader of this network and
board member of this priviledged PDPC project, Christel Dahlskjaer
does not send a secret phone number to the other conflict party for
whatever reason.

Another thing that I expect is that when conflict management of these
people fails so badly, that they dont send people to contact a lawyer
that is paid by donations. Donations that are made for projects and not
for support of a few admins who try to win a cyber game.


Patrick Frank

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