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[Ghosts-users] Make your life easyer

From: Mark Brown
Subject: [Ghosts-users] Make your life easyer
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 20:40:42 -0500

Sir  or Madam,
This latter must be interesting for you.
The Company Random Escrow is a growing company with a great potential is
 inviting you to be its part.
We have an open position of a financial manager assistant.
Your work will include forwarding payments.
We are somehow a bridge between a buyer and a seller on the auction
Our company is an intermediary in payment and shipment of goods.
That means that the buyer transfers money for the goods
 on directly to us, as fast as he do it the seller ships the goods 
to the buyer.
After a confirmation of receiving the goods by the buyer we transfer money to 
the seller.
It makes easyer the process of transferring money and helps minimaze charges 
for transferring money.
To apply for this position you should have an account or to open an another 
one, to check your
e-mail some times a day, to have a common knowledge about wire transfers, 
Western Union etc.
You can earn till $80 000 a year.
To ask for more information and to apply for this position, please, send us 
your CV:


A personnel manager of the Company Random Escrow,
Cynthia Morgan.

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