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[gfsd] Follow-up

From: Super Highway Nutrition
Subject: [gfsd] Follow-up
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 02:48:38 -0500

We contacted you earlier in the year regarding your weight and health concerns. 
 Our nutritionist Mary Street recommended a 3-4 month supply of hoodialife.  
Well, we have been doing follow-ups on this product and just wanted to make 
sure it is working for you.  If you have not yet tried, then we have included 
ordering and product information below.

Mary has had a 93.5% success rate with this herbal product.  If you have solved 
your problems with another product then please let us know.

Further Information:

Have a great weekend;

Barry Street
Super Highway Nutrition
Customer Service and Appreciation

(Updating of our records can be done on the site)

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