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[gfsd] monotonous

From: Clementina Petersen
Subject: [gfsd] monotonous
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 08:27:06 +0800
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Goddess is a hot little women with an ethnic look to h.
I really wish more companies would follow suit. After she is warmed up, Francesca dives down and gives her man a sloppy wet blowjob.
The colors were way too bright and the skin tones were often pinkish.
It had several of the ladies featured with the emphasis on interviews, extra sex, and M.
After she is warmed up, Francesca dives down and gives her man a sloppy wet blowjob.
This gonzo release features a very young cast to show the ropes of what hardcore gonzo style pornography is all about.
Overall it was a sad attempt by Platinum X.
The featurette actually had some memorable moments that make it worth watching. Normally this would be a sign of bad production values, but this is exactly what the directors intended; a home video feeling. While it's not the absolute best video quality you'll find, it is definitely adequate.
This allows you to hear every little whimper and moan during the action.
The video quality is more than adequate, although not the best you can find for an Adult DVD. After her introduction, Marquetta meets her partner. There was no background music to interfere with the actors. This just goes to show that New Sensations is out to satisfy their customers by providing plenty of value. Aside from the mentioned photogalle. I'm please to say that this isn't the case here.
Each got a chance to play and while they weren't as long as I would have liked, each showed their own style at pleasuring oneself.
Not all of the ladies were given much air time here but it still added some value. The colors are pretty nice and skin tones are natural. The photo gallery, cast bios, a quick behind the scenes, previews of other titles, etc.

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