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[gfsd] gaudy

From: Edwin Levy
Subject: [gfsd] gaudy
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 01:11:35 +0200
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Other stories are relating that the homegrowns in Canada actually conducted their training in rural areas on Canadian soil.
x, qui avait pour nom de code Seamonkey.
We did not connect dots.
Mustafa Muhammad Abd al-Rashid - "Abdu Rashid.
They had been reportedly been trained at the compound in question.
A fifth member, Chris Childs, is still at large. The memo says the officers' actions were based on "irrational fears". Three pipe bombs were placed in a room on the fourth floor of the hotel by Stephen Paster, who is said to be one of the organizers of Al-Fuqra in the United States.
I have made additions based on my own research.
called Muslims of America. Turabi was an ally of Saddam Hussein and is a long-time friend and benefactor of Osama bin Laden. He is the founder of the terrorist group al-Fuqra.
Both he and an accomplice, Calvin Jones were killed in the fire. Nine loaded semi-automatic assault weapons and a "large quantity" of ammunition was found in Savary's apartment, the most notable of which was a rifle with a scope. Hussein has strong ties to Hassan al-Turabi, also of Sudan. Eight months and counting.
Four members of the sect were charged with fraud: Edward Ivan McGhee, James L. After Hampton-El's arrest in June, Holder lost hope of obtaining the pipe bombs, saying that "Rashid's" arrest cancelled the possibility of securing them. And, they will wave back, secure in the fact that "the system" will protect them.
Hussein has strong ties to Hassan al-Turabi, also of Sudan. Thirty members of the Al-Fuqra sect were at the compound at the time of the raid - one man, "three or four women," and the rest children.

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