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[gfsd] dissidence

From: Christie Lang
Subject: [gfsd] dissidence
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 05:56:47 -0400
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and youre trying to sell it to me?
I still believe that.
They're like dogs, they pick up your scent and take advantage of your fear,''' Brown said.
Just getting back on the ground and spent some quality time with the fiddle today. Dont really wanna divulge in a political discussion when I know what they think.
She looked in her late forties.
But nevertheless, an experience Im learning quite alot from. If she runs short of anything, her mother and father and brothers will provide, she said. Double standards all along. The things Iraqis struggle for.
They even stayed with us in the same compound.
Will have to test the ice function tomorrow. is that all you care about? too early, but what the heck he needs to wake up and share with me some ideas. ALL MEN ARE THE SAME. Although as much as I try to avoid it.
But change is inevitable.
I havent eaten anything until yesterday and I do not want to take a rash decision. Infact I felt so little by acting the way I acted with her previously. How dare they carry out maintenance work without informing us.
Back before Fallujah was stormed I wrote that Ramadi was really the central piece - the lynchpin of the insurgency.
And no I dont wanna make money out of it. But imagine those Iraqis that live outside. That makes it more difficult to arrange help for them, he said.
Darn I felt so stupid. Having my first home is turning out to be quite a challenge. WIthout him I woulda been clueless.
They dont care if youre rich or poor.
Fortunately, our snipers are better than theirs. A little prayer in whatever faith you follow.
The ones Ive met were really nice. That's got to be some kind of record! Maybe I'll write a guide for Headquarters Company commanders and Executive Officers and First Sergeants.
That's got to be some kind of record! I cannot make the decisions anymore. When the delivery guys came in to the flat, looked at the kitchen door, their supervisor asked me, have you measured the door?
Most of them are British or South African and there were others who were South American.
that's really the only road in town that has any bearable scenery in it, other than the Saddam mosque. The insurgents must be able to use Ramadi to support their efforts in Baghdad.

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