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[gfsd] 01.08.2006 sector

From: Andres Tripp
Subject: [gfsd] 01.08.2006 sector
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 02:43:23 -0480

                HOT! HOT! HOT! Stocks Alert Advisory Service for EQTD!
                        EQTD IS A HOT STOCK!

                Get on EQTD First Thing on FRIDAY, it's going to expload!

Equal Trading, Inc.
Symbol:  EQTD
Current Price: $0.013
The price is the minimum for last week and it will boom on FRIDAY!
Worst Scenario Target Price: $0.075
Most Probable Scenario Target Price: $0.095
Best Scenario Target Price: $0.130
Risk Factor: Low


Recommendation: "STRONG_BUY" starting on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2006.

Equal Trading, Inc. Acquires Gold, Silver and Copper Property in Vancouver 
Island, British
Columbia, Canada.CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(MARKET WIRE)-- Equal Trading, Inc. (Other 
- News) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Equal Gold, Inc., has 
acquired a minerals
rights in 62.4 acres of a prime gold, silver and copper property in Vancouver 
Island, British
Columbia, Canada. The Arrowsmith properties are located 1.2 kilometers south 
from the east tip
of Cameron Lake, 20 kilometers west from the town of Parksville in Vancouver 
Island, BC, Canada.

The Arrowsmith occurrence is underlain by massive and locally porphyritic 
andesite of the
Upper Triassic Karmutsen Formation (Vancouver Group) near the fault contact 
with an extensive
body of diorite 2.4 kilometres to the east. The andesite is cut by several 
shear zones up to 6
meters in width. Mineralization consists of chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrrhotite 
and pyrite hosted
in quartz veins and vein lets up to 60 centimeters wide in a shear zone. The 
vein lets strike 210
degrees. Some minor fault offsets of the veins are evident. An altered 
limestone bed 4.5 to 6 meters
wide occurs locally in the andesite and carries minor disseminated 
chalcopyrite. A grab sample across
1.2 meters from a lower adit assayed deposits of 6.8 grams per ton of Gold, 
27.4 grams per ton of Silver
and 9.05 per cent Copper.

Past work included two adits, some crosscutting and a winze developed along the 
shear zone. One adit is
at 454 meters elevation and the second is at 480 meters elevation (ASL). 
Surface work consisted of
stripping and pits.There is good infrastructure nearby, which will facilitate 
the mining and transportation
in a timely and cost efficient manner. Equal Gold plans to expand further the 
exploration program on
Arrowsmith concessions.Vijay Raichura, President of Equal Trading, Inc., 
states, "The new direction will
consolidate our position as a leading junior gold, silver and copper player in 
the near future. I am very
pleased with the location of the Arrowsmith concession given the recent 
discoveries in the region and its
historic and current production. The Arrowsmith concession provides a major 
target for exploration in one
of the most active gold-silver-copper regions. We are totally committed to 
delivering the highest value to
our shareholders. Opportunity is upon us to benefit from the high gold, silver 
and copper prices to deliver
the best possible returns to our investors.

About Equal Trading
Equal Trading, Inc. an equity trading company has now embarked on a focus of 
responsible development, exploration,
and exploitation of precious metal resources in North America. EQTD is an 
emerging junior gold, silver and copper
mining company financially well connected, coupled with a strong management and 
technical team focused on exploiting
gold, silver and copper in North America.

        Members should pick up EQTD as early as possible on FRIDAY.

        This news is going to send EQTD off the charts!

        We all know that in the this business it's the big announcements that 
makes these stocks explode!!!

        We see this as a huge profit taking a DEAL. WATCH EQTD LIKE A HAWK!


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bugs, Josh Benton could not sleep for months and kept a flashlight and can of 
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