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[gfsd] wood

From: Ophelia Snider
Subject: [gfsd] wood
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:13:24 +0200

I imagine her interestin me wasnt very keen, Ebenezer. Land sakes, dont I remember him tellin mehow he scrimped and saved to get married?
He prides himself on being an honest man.
And yet maybe it aintso funny, if you knew her and knew her father before her. Then she stopped in here and soldit to me for fifteen cents.
That wasintended as a joke, he confessed ruefully.
And home shewent forthwith, in spite of family remonstrances and urgings. Ill pay it now, if that will end thisridiculous affair. Ill seethat they are handed to him at his shop to-morrow morning.
Ithought Jotham was goin to break down and cry.
Grandmother didnt really care about the money; itwas a matter of principle with her. Yes, sure I did, Sheba, heagreed with unction. If I stay too long she willbe sending the carriage for me.
My client will not be satisfied with anysettlement other than payment of debt, interest and costs.
They were anything but exciting and the timedragged.
Ive been resurrectin it some considerblelately. You dont suppose Ill let you give me a thinglike that? Truman yourself, just for comin over here and pickina fuss with me, Oscar. You will have an opportunity todisprove its genuineness later, Mr.
She wont; but suppose she does, what of it? Ill seethat they are handed to him at his shop to-morrow morning. She called at the Mill Hill cottage that evening, however.
But I dont think she was angry at Tadgett or at you. That three hundred dollars meant a great deal to him.

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