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[gfsd] turquoise conveniently

From: Tommy Williams
Subject: [gfsd] turquoise conveniently
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 02:10:47 -0000

He was not portly, orsleek, or pompous, or soft-voiced, though he was certainly soft-footed.
Theyhavent been very successful, you know. Hes a fine man, too, and youcould trust him with any secret. Dougal wondered if they had motored fromKnockraw in top hats. Allthree exhibited money, which I presume they intended as a bribe. Lying to coversomething, and what that something is Im going to find out beforeIm a day older. I can manage all right, was Jaikies answer. I saw a great brute jumping in the DirtPot.
Look here, Bannister, this is your veryparticular job.
Well be on a walking tour, the same as Dougal and I proposed, butwell get out of the hills. Under the cheeringinfluence of the thought of Dougal Mr Craw made quite a respectablemeal. He would find some way ofmaking it up to Jaikie.
Thats all right, the girl declared, thats plain sailing.
He has taken it upon himself to give me orders.
I think you rather exaggerate the power of the printed word, hesaid. We dine withyou to-night at eight oclock? Mrs Catterick scornfully refused payment. I wouldnt like to be opposedto yon woman.
I saw a great brute jumping in the DirtPot.
I read your thing in the Wire last night.
But what we want to know is why you come to us.
Happily to the other two,and possibly to the Professor, he was not very intelligible.
The Herr Professor has studied them profoundly. But I dont see howputting Prince John on the throne will help you to get back yourlost territories. We have waited till our cause is so strong in Evalloniathat there need be no violence.
You must permit me to judge what is politicin such circumstances.
That, of course, led to their summary dismissal. The Herr Professor has studied them profoundly.
This is Prince Odalchini, and this is theHerr Doctor Jagon of the University of Melina.
The second way is that you goabroad as if nothing had happened. There was a fount of poetry wellingsomewhere in Bannisters breast.
A body doesna taksiller for bein a jyler. But what we want to know is why you come to us.
The three strangers bowed, and Dougal managed to incline his stiffneck.
There wasvigour and decision in that act.
And a pair of strong boots, Jaikie concluded soothingly.
You can get the names right from Mr Barbon. Its overweighted with men, but wecant help that.
His increased comfort made him magnanimous. Dougal was hisown henchman, an active member of the great Craw brotherhood.

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