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[gfsd] puzzle

From: Raymond Jackson
Subject: [gfsd] puzzle
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 14:45:02 -0400

In such moments Icome to this old journal for comforting. Oh, well, she would pretend with avengeance. And thisburning shame and deep, mute hurt.
But she had never dreamed he would be going away so soon. The icearound her heart was melting rapidly.
Elsie Borland, young and chubby, showing off her lovely handsa little in the candlelight. But if it had meant anything to him must he not havespoken of it?
But there was one star at which I did not look. No use squizzling your eyebrows up at me like that, beloveddemon, retorted Ilse. She flung a hasty glance into the mirrorbefore she went down and turned away satisfied. How wise and dignified andunapproachable she would be henceforth.
I wish he had had ahundred eyes so that I could have bored them all out! The occupation has in it something of perpetualyouth.
YetEmily felt that it had drawn them together again after longmisunderstanding. Saying to every one just what hethought shed like to hear. BlairWater should be very proud of him, shouldnt it?
They were sitting together just opposite her.
Chidlaw had elected to hold her dinner party. Through their stems she caught glimpses of the bay, dark andsapphire.
I am readyto die of shame at thought of it. His great-uncle was a religious maniac, said Uncle Wallacegloomily. But of all the party Emily only sawTeddy and Ilse.
Oh, God, as long as I live give me leave to work.

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