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[gfsd] Stock in Focus

From: Valerie Jacobson
Subject: [gfsd] Stock in Focus
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 17:34:49 +0480

An In vestor ALERT is being issued starting right N0W.
Keep your eyes glued!!
Explosive pick for our members!

Current Price: 1.55

Don't get caught in the dust, start watchin today because this company
has been known to release major news at any time which could bring the
sto ck up!!

Current News

Petro Sun Announces Acquisition of ETC Energy

Petro Sun Drilling Inc. an emerging provider of oilfield
services to major and independent producers of oil and natural gas,
announced today that the company has acquired ETC Energy, LLC. The terms
of the transaction include a purchase price of 250,000 shares of
PetroSun Drilling restricted common stock and naming Earl Thomas Conley as
president of ETC Energy.

Under Conley's stewardship, ETC Energy will undertake several
initiatives designed to enhance relations within the Native American community.
The company will seek to establish joint ventures within Native
American lands to develop natural resources that include oil, natural gas and
wind power. ETC Energy plans to create employment opportunities and
increasee royalty revenue within native lands as a key part of their

ETC Energy will also assist PetroSun subsidiary Algae BioFuels in the
negotiations for a potential location for a biodiesel production
facility and refinery within native lands. Algae cultivation as an energy
source is an economically feasible and eco-friendly alternative to
petroleum-based transportation fuels.

About Petro Sun

PetroSun's current operations are concentrated in the Ark-La-Tex region
with plans to expand into New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Australia in
2006. PetroSun provides a comprehensive array of products and services to
the oil industry. The company's cutting-edge technologies, combined
with a proven ability to apply them effectively and safely within a
disciplined ROI framework, creates long-term value for PetroSun shareholders
and partners. PetroSun is headquartered in Phoenix.

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