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[gfsd] heyday fretful

From: Gabriel Bullock
Subject: [gfsd] heyday fretful
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:15:59 +0700

6 Annas replied, If you sendany of your servants you will findthat she is with child. 12 Mary answered, As the Lordmy God liveth, I know not by whatmeans. 7 And the angels stood aroundhim, adoring him, as a kingsguards stand around him. 37 She then offered very largegifts to the Lady Mary, and senther away with all imaginablerespect. 37 She then offered very largegifts to the Lady Mary, and senther away with all imaginablerespect. 5 But they produced the swaddlingcloth which St. 2 And the high-priest said,Call together to me seven undefiledvirgins of the tribe of David. 3 An angel warns Joseph to take the child and his mother into Egypt. 25 At length I conceived byhim, but alas! 4 When the time of the Lordsappointment shall come, let him doas seems good to him. 2 But Anna said, Let us waitthe third year, lest she shouldbe at a loss to know her father. then the blood ceased, and did bubbleno more. 17 Joseph drinks the water of the Lord as an ordeal, and receiving no harm, returns home. 14 On which the old womansaid, Thou art very different fromall other women. 1 A man who could not enjoy his wife, freed from his disorder. 5 But they produced the swaddlingcloth which St. For of these it iswritten, He shall pour out his blood, and cover it with dust. 15 And behold thy cousin Elizabeth,she also hath conceived a son in herold age. There is a story both in the Jerusalem and Babylonish Talmud very similarto this. 9 They replied, Go along withus, and lodge with us. 23 The roofs of the temple rent, the body miraculously conveyed, and the blood petrified. Mary, that she wouldgive her the child to kiss, andcarry in her arms. 5 In the length of the journeythe girts of the saddle broke. 3 Herod alarmed; 8 desires them if they find the child to bring him word. 11 A great light in the cave, gradually increases until the infant is born. O Rabbi Jochanan said,Eighty thousand priests were slain for the blood of Zacharias. 7 When the girl asked them,they made her no answer, butasked her again, Who are ye? 13 And Joseph answered, Asthe Lord my God liveth, I havenot been concerned with her. When thereforeNebuzaradan came there (viz. 21 As soon as the women hadheard the girls discourse, theyhastened away to the Lady St. 1 Mary looks on a woman in whom Satan had taken up his abode, and she becomes dispossessed. shall I conceive by the living Godand bring forth as all otherwomen do? 6 For Elizabeth could not climb up,7 And instantly the mountainwas divided and received them. RabbiJudas asked Rabbi Achan, Where did they kill Zacharias? 3 For I received her a Virginout of the temple of the Lord myGod, and have not preserved hersuch! 8 We are travellers, saith thegirl, and we are seeking for an innto lodge at. Mary andJoseph with the greatest respect. 9 And the shepherd lifted uphis hand to smite them, and hishand continued up.

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