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[gfsd] photopla 1725

From: Jovanka Matthew
Subject: [gfsd] photopla 1725
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 02:32:56 -0700

A m B / E N
V / a G R A
T r & m a d o I
L e V / T R A
C i A L / S
V A L / u M
X & n a x
S O m &
A m o x / c i I l / n
P R O z & C
M e R / D / A

them hot?
Then they stopped and shouted out: Fly away little birds! Fly away
if you can! Come down little birds, or you will get roasted in your
nests! Sing, sing little birds! Why dont you sing?
Go away! little boys! shouted Gandalf in answer. It isnt
bird-nesting time. Also naughty little boys that play with fire get

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