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[gfsd] Re: test VtApGGRA

From: Esen Gross
Subject: [gfsd] Re: test VtApGGRA
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 23:04:44 -0700

V / A G R A
P R O Z ^ C
C / A L / S
V A L / U M
X ^ N A X
S O M ^
A M B / E N
L E V / T R A
M E R / D / A
make him a king. Bard the Dragon-shooter of the line of Girion! Alas
that he is lost!
And in the very midst of their talk, a tall figure stepped from the
shadows. He was drenched with water, his black hair hung wet over his
face and shoulders, and a fierce light was in his eyes.
Bard is not lost! he cried. He dived from Esgaroth, when the enemy

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