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[gfsd] Re: PHARMiurACY

From: Unnur Zurita
Subject: [gfsd] Re: PHARMiurACY
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:25:08 -0400

C a I x A u L c I i S c
S i O n M n A p
X y A z N d A e X d
V y I a A x G t R q A c
M i E y R l I x D q I q A b
A i M z B u I t E m N l
V r A c L q I c U m M w
summer heat lightnin. Someday theyll put all them cables underground. My folks got a place- The point is, interrupted Bourne, everythings getting back to normal. As you can see, some of the lights in the house are back on. I cant see nothin through them flares, said the young police officer. The general always takes the ultimate precautions, explained Jason.

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